New Energy Technology

Veken started in the new energy lithium-ion battery sector in 2004. Based on its professional and effective industrial performance, Veken has successfully nurtured its subsidiary Veken Technology Co., Ltd. from startup to public listing (Stock market code: 600152). The core business lines include 3C digital batteries, power equipment batteries. Veken has a number of intelligent manufacturing facilities of electrical cells and battery packings in Ningbo, Shenzhen and Daman, India. Veken's technologically advanced, intelligent manufacturing system adopts fully-automated production lines and real-time quality monitoring and tracking systems that enable greater efficiency, accuracy and cost reduction.

Technological innovation is an essential driver behind Veken's success in new energy industry and will remain a cornerstone of the company’s enduring prosperity. Veken owns national academician workstations and provincial research centers, which lead to competitive advantages in development of new materials such as graphene and silicon negative. Veken executes a number of major national research projects regarding silylene negative and its application, energy-storing batteries and conversion of offshore wind power, as well as graphene development.Through the independent research of Veken Technology Research Institute, Veken has more than 150 lithium-ion patents, including over 40 inventions.

Veken is working towards a world-class supplier of new energy batteries. Presently, Veken's distinguished client portfolio includes MOTO, Intel, DJI and other top robotic companies at home and abroad.

Veken has built a network of outstanding entrepreneurs, executives, academics, investors and industry experts to facilitate innovative teams and engaged partnerships.

Leveraging the advantage in capital deployment, Veken has developed its high-quality industrial chain and integrated key technologies and materials from both upstream and downstream sectors through mergers and acquisitions. Efficient capital operation plays a key role in driving Veken's sustainable improvement in competitiveness and profit performances.

3C Digital Batteries

  • As the third largest manufacturer and supplier of 3C digital batteries in China, Veken has intelligent manufacturing plants in Ningbo, Dongguan and India. The extensive product portfolio ranges from rechargeable battery cells to battery sealing materials. Working in close collaboration with technical specialists from Japan and Korea, Veken delivers quality that far exceeds UL, IEC and other industry standards. Veken boosts unparalleled techniques in coating, cutting, plating, wrapping and sealing processes.

  • Veken has built an advanced lithium battery manufacturing system that enables greater accuracy and efficiency in tracking real-time data across all production lines and status of all client orders. The manufacturing system adopts Planning Scheduling (APS) system, Manufacturing Execution System (MES), Product Data Management (PDM) system, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) system, as well as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system and Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) system.

  • Veken supplies high-performing batteries to major manufacturers of 3C digital devices and has continued to enjoy steady expansion in global market. Veken has a diverse client base of the biggest companies across a variety of industries, within which include Transsion, MOTO,TCL,Intel, Asus, DJI and other top brands of cellphone, laptop, tablet, drones and wearable devices worldwide.

  • Ningbo Veken Battery Co., Ltd.
    Dongguan Veken Battery Co., Ltd.
    Dongguan Yong Wei Technology Co., Ltd.
    Jiangxi Wei Le Technology Co.,Ltd.

    India Production Base 

Power Equipment Batteries

  • As a comprehensive solution provider of small power lithium batteries integrating the design and development of battery management system (BMS) and the production of battery modules (BatteryPack), Veken is committed to becoming a market leader in the overall solution of secondary power in small power and small energy storage, and a leading supplier in the two-wheeled vehicle electrical changing industry.

    Grasp the opportunity of two-wheeler upgrading, Internet of Things and the outbreak of energy storage batteries, Veken focus on R&D, manufacturing and sales of four major product areas including electric two-wheeler vehicles, industrial vehicles and robots, smart home appliances and power tools, energy storage products. Veken has partnered with international lithium electricity giant LG, Samsung, and other famous brands in power batteries to develop,independent design, PACK, and other specialized capabilities to ensure high quality and consistency of products.

  • The holding company YunFuture is a domestic well-known developer of lithium battery BMS management system for two-wheeler electric vehicle. YunFuture has core competence in researching and developing integrated hardware, software and cloud platform of intelligent battery management, including of intelligent battery control system, intelligent battery charge cabinet, IOT intelligent power exchange system, battery business big data analysis platform and charge and discharge control core algorithm. The driver behind the independent research capacity is a passion to build an electric system architecture with the convenience, efficiency and quick charge.

  • Ningbo Veken New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
    Shenzhen YunFuture Technology Co.,Ltd.